“ Hello everybody, my name is Marin and I am a style consultant. I am the founder of Vie Chere MonacoFairFax Monaco and Lily Rose Monaco. I have been lucky enough to live my passion in this beautiful city of Monaco for over 5 years, where the most beautiful designer stores are located, which gives me a unique perspective in personal styling. Since I was very young I have developed a real passion for haute couture and fashion. I have studied this field intensively in order to integrate it into my daily life. I believe that personal styling is an art form, a way to be confident and express your personality without having to say a word. ” 

First impressions are essential and hard to erase. I will ensure that your look tells the right story! My goal is to make your day-to-day life easier by making your wardrobe a place filled with timeless, fashionable and versatile pieces that easily match each other and that you will keep for years. This way, you can focus on the important moments like spending time with family, friends, your career, etc…

I give you the opportunity to win luxury trips and shopping budgets in the most beautiful designer stores of the French Riviera. That’s why I’m inviting you to become a member of the Happy client community to participate in our game contests.

Treat yourself to a VIP Luxury Personal Shopping experience. Let me organize everything with the collaboration of the French Riviera’s designer stores, so you only have to show up and be treated like the VIP client you are!

The outfits will be pre-selected with you and ready in the private fitting room, along with other little surprises along the way.

The world of fashion is at your fingertips