is a Marseille company, whose head office is located at MARSEILLE - 13010 - 69 Avenue de la Timone. Hereinafter referred to as the organizer whose activity consists of the animation and development of its community of international Internet users, who share the enthusiasm for the world of luxury and prestigious goods. On this occasion, on a regular basis, HAPPY CLIENT offers its community quality promotional events and in particular promotional operations in the form of promotional draws, involving, among other things, luxury stays around Fashion.
These promotional operations are organized by all the commercial partners with whom HAPPY CLIENT has established close relations.
Each of the partners having in particular apprehended the ability of the company HAPPY CLIENT to promote the image of the partners on all digital media and social networks.
This is why each of the members of the HAPPY CLIENT community can easily learn about the identity of the partners, which will be published on the HAPPY CLIENT website, as well as on all the digital media distributed by the HAPPY CLIENT company.

2.1 The terms of these regulations govern the promotional operations which are organized by the company HAPPY CLIENT in partnership with the promotional partners of the company HAPPY CLIENT and specify, in a rigorous and explicit manner, the conditions for participation in the contests which will be organized by the HAPPY CLIENT company on the occasion of a calendar currently set and circulated to the entire community and participants. The provisions explained above and below will thus apply to the period of activity from June 2022 and to the draws which will be, in particular, organized under the following terms: - June 2022
2.2 This competition is open to all natural persons, members of the HAPPY CUSTOMER community, over the age of 18, residents in France and abroad, whatever their nationality, excluding all persons with directly or indirectly participated in the development of the contest, staff members or the entourage of the staff of the company HAPPY CLIENT.
2.3 Participation in contests implies irrevocable and unreserved acceptance of the terms and conditions of these rules ("The rules" available for download on the site www.happy-client.fr)
2.4 These rules do not formalize any limitation of participation in each of the lotteries for the benefit of each member of the community. Participation in contests is strictly personal and nominative. Only one prize will be awarded per designated winner.
2.5 Failure to comply with the conditions of participation set out in these rules will result in the invalidity of the participant's participation.
2.6 The game is subject to the regulations of French law and applicable to games and contests.
2.7 Participation in the draw necessarily implies that the participant is a member of the HAPPY CLIENT community and that he has, in accordance with the applicable rules, regularly and compliantly regularized his membership and that he has not carried out any impede this regulation.
2.8 Participation in each of the draws can therefore only be made on the platform www.happy-client.fr, which requires that each participant has their own identifiers, in order to be able to access their own account and the organization of lotteries.
2.9 It is imperative for each of the participants to respect the game deadlines previously set by the HAPPY CLIENT company and in particular, the closing dates and times of the lotteries which are expressly mentioned by the HAPPY CLIENT company on its gaming platform.
3.0 The subscription of HAPPY CLIENT points will thus allow each of the participants to access the promotional lotteries and draws carried out, using the necessary credits, according to the lot offered in the draw.

3.1 HAPPY CLIENT has already put the participation in its contest online, from June 10, 2022, the date of the draw for which will be decided on the day when the 2,000 entries will be validated by the bailiff , or 5 clear days after the closing of the operations of the contest game, whose date of the draw will be carried out on November 28, 2022 on the control of a bailiff,
3.2 The draw is carried out according to a computer draw regularized according to an algorithm selecting, among all the participants, the name of the winner.
3.3 The identity of the winner will then be announced on the website www.happy-client.fr as well as on all the digital media of the company HAPPY CLIENT disseminating information on the follow-up of the draws carried out.
3.4 HAPPY CLIENT will invite each winner to take possession of the prize that will be awarded to them.
This delivery will be made in a public and published manner, since each of the winners will be invited to go to the commercial partner who put the lot into play, and to take possession of the property acquired from them, delivery filmed and broadcast on all digital media of the company HAPPY CLIENT. On this occasion, each of the participants already gives their consent for the dissemination of their image. 3.5 The transportation costs of the sole winner will be covered by HAPPY CLIENT alone.
3.6 Each of the winners will then be contacted by HAPPY CLIENT.
The winners will have a period of 8 days to respond to calls from the company HAPPY CLIENT which may be formalized by any digital means, electronic emails or telephone calls and on this occasion, the need to provide the exact and complete contact details of the participant is recalled.
3.7 It is recalled here that if incorrect information or contact details were given when subscribing to membership and the winner was unable to obtain the information due to errors made by himself, the company HAPPY CLIENT can't be worried about it.
3.8 Thus, without a response from the winner within twenty days of the information given to him, he will be deprived of his prize and will not be able to claim any indemnity, endowment or compensation of any kind whatsoever.
3.9 In this case, the prize will be assigned to a new draw organized in partnership with the commercial partner of the company HAPPY CLIENT.
4.0 Winners must comply with these rules.
4.1 If they do not meet the criteria of these rules, their prize will not be awarded to them and their participation forfeited.
4.2 To this end, the participants already authorize all verifications concerning their identity, their age, their contact details or the loyalty, the sincerity of their participation.
4.3 Any false declarations, indications of false identity or postal address, result in the immediate elimination of the participant.

The prize draw for the promotional contest put online on March 10, 2022 is as follows:
A two-night stay for two people with breakfasts in a Palace on the French Riviera, two lunches, two all-expenses dinners to be paid for for the winner and for the person of their choice + a budget of €5,000 for purchases in the luxury boutiques on the French Riviera with the presence and advice of our partner Marin AMSELLEM, an expert in styling.

It is indicated that in case of force majeure against the organizer, the company HAPPY CLIENT, to deliver to the winner the prize won and whatever the cause, reserves the right to substitute a strictly similar prize. , which any Participant consents to.

Participants in contests benefit from the organizer's right of access, verification and withdrawal of their personal data.
The participants' personal information is collected by the organizer solely for the purpose of monitoring the competition and is essential to participate in it. The information received by the company HAPPY CLIENT may be transmitted to service providers, in order to ensure the delivery of the prize to the winner.

The company HAPPY CLIENT cannot be held liable for the impossibility of contacting the winner due to the incorrect information given to him. Similarly, HAPPY CLIENT cannot be held liable for any errors in the name, address or contact details communicated by the participant.
Furthermore, the company HAPPY CLIENT declines all responsibility for any incidents that may occur during the enjoyment of the property allocated and / or the fact of its use, and / or the fact of its consequences, in particular the enjoyment of the lot by a minor who remains under the full and total responsibility of a person having parental authority over him.
The organizer, in the event of Force Majeure, reserves the right if the circumstances so require, in particular related to a computer problem, to shorten, extend, modify, interrupt, postpone or cancel the game. contest, HAPPY CLIENT already indicates and already that all explanations and information will be given to participants on its website.
Indeed, an amendment will be put online and circulated to its community. The organizer also disclaims all liability in the event of a malfunction preventing the smooth running of the competition, in particular due to external malicious acts.
The use of robots or any other similar process allowing to participate in contests in a mechanical or other way is totally prohibited, the violation of this rule will immediately lead to the definitive elimination of its director and its user.
The company HAPPY CLIENT may cancel all or part of the contest if it appears that fraud has occurred in any form whatsoever, in particular by computer in the context of participation in contests or the determination of winners.
In this case, it reserves the right not to award the prizes to fraudsters and to prosecute them before any competent court.

These regulations can be freely consulted on the site www.happy-client.fr.

Entrants unreservedly acknowledge that the mere fact of entering this competition subjects them to French law.
Any dispute must be sent to the email address of the company HAPPY CLIENT.